Massimo Matteazzi

If you have ever heard in a pub someone cheering shouting “Oi Oi Oi” then we probably have already crossed paths! My name is Massimo but most people in the industry call me Mass.

After living in London for 10 years, where I started working in the iGaming industry in 2006, I moved to Malta in 2016 to begin the L&L Europe affiliate team project. I’m very lucky to work with a great team and in this fun company. Starting a new department from scratch has been a blast, interesting and rewarding!

As HOA I train and help the affiliate team to ensure we can provide a top-notch service for affiliates, so that our partners can feel confident in running successful campaigns with us.

I enjoy spending time with my little son, and when all the stars align and the time is right, I’ll use my time to travel across countries on a motorbike; having previously been on the road for 6 months in North and South America, which was incredible!

Get in touch with me to talk about business, motorbikes, UFC and conspiracy theories!

Stian Myhra

God kveld i stugo!

My name is Stian but you can call me Stan, Steam, Sting or even Tommy.
I am the latest addition to L&L’s lovely affiliate team. I am a 27 years old native Norwegian with over 2 years of experience within iGaming.

In my free time I like to watch Spurs bottle it week in and week out so I can be a little on edge on Mondays. Luckily I have my team to cheer me up, except for Jason he is an Arsenal fan..

Prior to starting at L&L I have been working with sales, both phone and door to door and I have also been studying sports management for a few years.

I am always happy to connect so don’t be afraid to ping me on Skype or email!

Lauren Wallace

Hey There, my name is Lauren or as most call me Lau or Lolly. I joined L&L as an Affiliate Manager in October 2021 and have been loving every minute of it. I am South African but moved to the beautiful island (Malta) over 3 years ago.

I have been in Account Management for around 18 years and during that time have worked within the iGaming industry within BI Sales for 2 years and then moved to being an Affiliate Manager.

I love to travel, meeting new people, drinking amazing red wine and eating good food. I love watching sports my favourites being American Football, Soccer and Rugby. As being a South African on weekends we will always have a braai (bbq), listen to music and watch sports with friends or family.

I would love you to get in touch with me for any business, wine tasting, sports watching or just a general chat.