By now you probably know how much time and resources we allocate to evolve, develop and improve our products! You will also be aware that our platform is proudly homemade, because we love coding and think that homemade software is the way forward.

So, here we go with the latest L&L development, and it is one that concerns our affiliate partners the most, because we are talking about our affiliate software! The brand-new affiliate platform will include a new front end with a modern website where you will log in and check your stats, along with a backend created with the latest and most advanced technologies, designed to help your affiliate manager to provide an even better service.

We will migrate one brand at the time to the new platform starting on Monday 23rd of November with We will later inform you when the next migrations will be scheduled.

What is going to happen on the day of a migration?1 – There will be a brief moment when the site will be down and you won be able to access the affiliate program, but if everything goes smoothly that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.
2 – You will receive an email to the email address that you use to log in (so please make sure that is up to date!) with a new password and a reset link. Here is an example of the message you will receive:

3 – Click on “Reset Password”. This will not redirect you and nothing else will happen at this point.
4 – Copy the password on the email, like in the example “XXXXXXXXX”.
5 – Open your browser, go to and log in with your email and the copied password.

Will you have to change trackers?
The new affiliate program is going to work with a different tracking structure, but the old trackers, which you are currently using on your sites, will still work just fine. You will not need to change your trackers, but going forward we recommend to update your sites with the new links when you find a convenient time for you.

If on Monday you struggle to find your way around the new system, or you are unable to login immediately, please don’t panic and bear with us, we will be working hard to make sure the migration goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your affiliate manager.